Your Pet Tributes


by Abby's Mom

You were the best cat ever. You were so loving, so good natured and so cute, till the day you had to leave this world to go over the beautiful rainbow beyond.

For 14 1/2 years you were our beloved family pet, and for the past 8 you were my loyal friend and comforter when everyone else had left home to go on with their lives. You were strong and spunky and full of love and life till the bitter end, even when the huge tumor from the fibrosarcoma had left you in pain and with a huge open wound.... how rough it was for you to be so brave, but cats hide their pain and it was not fair to let you continue to endure that type of life.

Yet, you still wanted to be brushed and to eat your tuna, you still wanted to be petted and loved, and rub up against us just like a kitten--but your body was not as strong as your spirit and we had to say goodbye to you way too soon. We lost you yesterday, 11/14/11, a sad day for us, but a day of freedom from pain for you.

We love you Abby and will miss you greeting us at the door every day and your happy purrs when being loved when you jumped on our laps. You were the most loving cat I have even known.

Rest in peace. --Abby's Family

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