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'Albert - Alberticus Theodocious the Brute (AKC)'

by Susan Morgan
(Smyrna, GA)

Albert    11/96 - 1/2010

Albert 11/96 - 1/2010

We were out shopping one day on a January school holiday and we saw this fox-like dog; he was a low rider, energetic and he shared Cameron's birthday. SOLD. From that point on, life changed. Cameron (9) trained him to walk on a leash and do his business in a timely fashion. Albert taught my son how to lovingly care for somebody else and became a young boy's best buddy.

Albert hated thunderstorms. When Albert was 6 months, he needed to go out. I was watching Cleopatra (movie) and Gil knew I was engrossed and took Albert out without a leash. Well, with the first clap of thunder Albert took off and Gil is chasing him for well over half an hour. He finally catches him and carry's him back home and both are soaked. Albert became content to jump up on top of you and shiver till the storm passed. His herding instincts kept the kids from running in the house or else they knew Albert would nip on their heels. Sunday nights, Gil would put Albert in his own chair at the table and have a meal together and they loved this.

Then came Victoria and Albert was the best companion to her. Taught her all the ropes about living with the Morgan's' and acquiesced to her early and often. When she barked, Albert finished louder and longer... a true gentleman. When you were sick, he snuggled close. When Gil was gone, he slept with me till I didn't feel so alone. His greetings were more about "where were you"?

Albert had a wonderful relatable factor. He liked walks but enjoyed being seen and meeting others. One of his favorite trips was when we would go to the Marietta Square and visit with the homeless that sat around the park, visiting each person until they had their fill. Fairs, festivals, and football games were a favorite too. People always enjoyed seeing a corgi. When Cam first started football at Woodward and he made a play, he barked as I yelled. Albert also cheered for Lauren and David at their soccer games. Cam left for college and once again he was my comfort. Albert was fun, thoughtful, stubborn, loving, unflappable. He loved the sound of his own bark and rides in the car. His missing thumbs were a conundrum.

Our dear sweet Albert was given a very short time to be with us by October 2009. He gave his all and rallied when we put up the Christmas tree. He knew which present was his and opened it with gusto. The full house kept him going and when Cameron was the last to go back to school, Albert was ready to go too. You're a part of the ages now precious Albert... you will forever and always a part of us.

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