Your Pet Tributes


by Joseph J Brinkos Jr
(Reston, va)

Today I received the awful news.

Angel a fixture at our house for 14 years had to be put down.

What's odd I never once thought she was as old as 14. She always looked and acted younger to me.

I was with my Mother the day we went to get Angel.

We were hopelessly lost and ready to go home. I said to my Mom let me try this one last time and found the home.

Angel was with her litter of six or seven wonderful and beautiful brothers and sisters.

When Angel came over and start chewing my sneaker, I knew this was our next dog.

Angel helped my Mom get through the passing of our previous dog Muffin.

She was 16 when she passed. We bought Angel when Muffin was alive.

Sadly my Mom leaves in pa I'm in va. Any time I came home the first one to greet me was Angel.

She was always so excited. She would bark, lap me and grab a sneaker and run around the house because she was happy to see me.

Angel also served as a companion for my Mom's Mother who was living with us.

At first she resented Angel but soon they had a tight connected bond.

Angel would keep her company while my Mom worked.

When my Grandmother past last September, Angel was the comfort for my Mom.

Angel served us in so many ways. She was the comfort, companion and friend to count on during the good and bad times.

I will miss her deeply. When I go visit my Mom next weekend it will be tough walking through the door and not seeing Angel.

I hope and pray the Rainbow Bridge exists. I want us all to walk over it together and forever.

Love you Angel. You were my girl!

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