Your Pet Tributes


by Lisa Heinz

This was one of the last pictures we got of her. R.I.P Anka</3

This was one of the last pictures we got of her. R.I.P Anka

R.I.P Anka, you will be missed.

Anka was such a good dog, and I am 110% positive that she won't ever die. She'll always stay. She will walk beside us, in the good and the bad times, no matter what happens. She'll be next to me, keeping me safe at night, making sure that I won't forget her.

Anka, you aren't physically with us; but you keep living in our hearts, and that's what matters.
I can't recall a time where I really was mad at you, or yelled at you.

I remember when the cat would always open the fridge for you, and you'd steal the salami out of the fridge and grandma would yell at you.

Your tail, when you were still a pup, would always curl like a pig tail.

You were the one that kept me safe everytime I sayed over at my grandma's house, you'd sometimes even come into my bedroom to check on me.

You were the most loyal, loving and caring dog I've ever met.

We'll see each other again someday.
But until then;

Farewell, my friend.
We won't forget you; ever.

R.I.P Anka
2001 - 2011

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