Your Pet Tributes


by Jo Ann Shultz

Miss Annie

Miss Annie

My heart is breaking and I can't stop crying. Annie left us on Nov 16, 2009. Annie was our baby. She gave us love, companionship, and a best friend. She saw us through the bad and the good, the loss of our parents. She was more like a child to us. She would sleep by my side at night. She had such a beautiful smiling face and loved everyone.

Annie was a big white german shepherd. She was really a big girl. She was extremely smart. We talked to her as a child. She protected us but we could not protect her from arthritis and cancer.
Just looking at where she would lay breaks my heart. I will never forget the look on her face right before I said good bye. There will be no other as precious as Annie.

This may sound strange but, when we returned home she was standing by my car door. Only for a second I saw her one more time. As if to say I'm alright now.

We will all always love you and keep you in our hearts.

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