Your Pet Tributes


by Grace
(Concord, CA, USA)

My kittygirl, it has been 3 days since I had to send you to Rainbow Bridge. I have never felt such grief and sadness. I try to keep busy and outrun the emptiness but it always finds me.

I try to be strong and remember you as you were - my very best friend, my special cat, and I was your special person. The two of us had a bond that nobody else shared.

I am angry and devastated that cancer took you away from me. I am now afraid that something will happen to your brother Pumpkin. I hold him and pet his soft fur, I listen to his purring (my "Furry Purry Boy") and dread the day when I will lose him also. He is a comfort to me, but to be honest you were the cat of my heart.

We had many wonderful years together, and I look forward to the day when I can remember them with joy rather than this terrible sadness.

You are buried in a beautiful spot, between the pine tree and the fig tree in Garrett's grandparents' yard. There is a cross on your grave that Garrett decorated, with some pretty stones around it. It is a lovely and peaceful spot, and I am glad I will be able to visit you there.

May your slumber be peaceful, my dearest friend. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge, I promise, and I cannot wait for that moment when you toddle up to me with your tail held high and your eyes bright, just as you did the moment we met and knew we were meant for one another.

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