Your Pet Tributes


by Vikki

I got Babies at 9 weeks old and from that moment on we were inseperable he was so perfect and over the next 2 years we had such a fun time together, he was run over on 1st Aug 2011 and I am heartbroken I will miss him so much and couldn't have loved him more. I just hope he is at peace and knows that he was my world.

My other cat Kyla has only been around for the last 10 months but she also loved Babies and she misses him too, she used to get on his nerves that's only because she only wanted to play with him.

I will see you again, and I have left his favourite treats at what had become his favourite spot in the garden, I am so regretful that I never got to say goodbye so this is my goodbye and although he may be dead, he's alive in my heart, and happy at the Rainbow Bridge, I know he's been fed all his favourite foods and he's looking on over us, I've never loved a pet as much as Babies, and that's exactly what he was - MY baby, forever, no-one will ever take his place and I will never forget him noone can take the memories away and noone would have loved him more than me, I hope I gave him the best home.

Rest in peace and be happy this isn't the end it's just a temporary goodbye x

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