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by Jane
(Sydney, Australia)

BabyStar  2010

BabyStar 2010

What can I say about a beautiful little ginger cat that came into my life in England as a 1 year old stray?

BabyStar was from Bath - that wonderful Georgian city buried deep into the countryside 100 miles west of London.

He chose to live with me for the last 15 years. I am guessing he was just over 16 when he left for Rainbow Bridge at 5:55pm last Thursday 26th April 2012, Sydney time.

We travelled the world together - he went from Bath; to London, Singapore, Perth in Western Australia for many years and then on to the famous harbour city, Sydney.

The dreaded kidney failure got him in the end though. We did everything we could for him, no expense spared, but of course there is no cure and his time came last Thursday.

He had a Facebook page with nearly 80 friends and the response after he passed with tributes and messages of condolence was overwelming. People that knew him all over the world sent messages!

Just goes to show how much he was loved and also the impact that his passing had upon and me and my husband (to be) and those wishing to send words of comfort.

Animals do matter and the grief of losing them is just as raw as if they were people. After all, they are part of our family. To some people, pets are their only family. Love does not discrimate so why should we?

BabyStar - I salute you and thank you for all the good times and the love we shared and continue to share into eternity. I'll drop by Rainbow Bridge one day and pick you up.

Until then, much love.... and do try and behave until we get there.

Mummy and Daddy

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