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'Bailee Bear'

by Karen
(New York)

My Bailee Bear, my heart!

My Bailee Bear, my heart!

Oh, what can I say about my baby girl so loved. She was the best dog, like so many others, but touched my heart like none other. She was mouthy and stubborn, kind and sweet. And no matter where I was, she was at my feet. I lost you yesterday, you took your last breath in my arms, and I have cried an ocean of tears and the pain is so large. I miss you baby girl, more than these words could ever express.

I held you close as your life passed away and held on longer still, kissed your head, "I love you Bailee Bear" I whispered in your ear. "Look for me when it is my time, at the Rainbow Bridge"

The cancer took you so fast, only a few short months and you were gone. Not nearly enough time, but would there ever be a right time to have you gone from me? My heart is broken clear in two. I find comfort knowing you are pain free and healthy now. Your brother Shadow is a bit lost and confused. He keeps looking at the door expecting you to walk through.

You were such a special baby girl, we all miss you so very much and you will live on forever in our hearts! ♥

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