Your Pet Tributes


by Sandi Daniel
(Beckley, Wv)



Bailey Sleeping Beauty Bailey & Sister Indy Bailey & Sister Tessa

What do you do when the best thing in your life is gone? My beautiful, intelligent and always joyful Bailey passed away on 2/4/11 from cancer. She was 12 1/2.... I would have given my soul to have her another year.

I feel lost, terribly sad and helplessly overwhelmed. I have 2 other older dogs going south on me.... I love them too and it is too much to stand. Why do they have to suffer? Why should they have to feel pain? They are innocent creatures without sin. I would take all of their pain if there was a way.

I love and miss you so much Bailey!! You were the best part of my life and I hope I brought joy to yours as well. Can't wait until I cross the Rainbow Bridge and see you again. Please take care of your sisters when they cross over.

I love you, Baby!

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