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'Bandit (Bammy or Bam Bam)'

by Erika
(Pittsburgh, PA)

My little Bammy boy,

Do you know how you got the name Bandit? When you were just a kitty, you, and your brothers and sisters were kept in the laundry room at night so you wouldn't roam around and get hurt, and not use the litter box. You were the only cat that knew how to escape from a screen door.... WHILE IT WAS STILL SHUT! You would make your way up all the steps, and all of the sudden... BAM, there would just be a little black cat in the living room.. You little bandit! Then, nick-named BAMMY, BAM-BAM, or BAM for short. And ocasionally, The Mr.Bam and Bammy Black, when you were bad. You answered to all of those names :)

I know you're in heaven now, watching over us and keeping us safe. I am happy knowing that you are with your mommy and daddy, because they loved you and your brothers and sisters very much, and took good care of you guys. Your sister and brother still here will miss you and think of you everyday. I know they will not forget 'Brotha Bammy.' Your brother from another species, Champie, will miss you too. A lot of friends, new and old, remember you and the other cats too. So you were special!

You were so young at only 4 years old. Your birthday is in a few days, July 5. It is funny to think how think about you and your brothers and sisters being born in this very house. You spent your whole life here. You were an indoor cat who never even put one paw outside. Now I am sure you are running around in that big field in the sky, and are getting to experience the outdoors for the first time. I hope you are having so much fun!

You were a mischievous little cat, who got into tons of trouble. I will miss saying your name, 'BAM BAM!' I will miss you scratching on the door, 'IN OR OUT BAMMY!' or " GET DOWN OFF THE FRIDGE BAM!" (you were the only cat to always jump up on the fridge.) I will miss those pretty blue eyes and your own MEOW. But I know one day when I see you again, it will go back to the way it always was.

I just want you to know that I always loved you despite anything with all of my heart and always will. It is really hurting me now that you are gone. I also want you to know that I'm so sorry I had to leave you that day. I know your brother Oozie was with you and comforting you. I covered you up with a blanket, and gave you a bowl of food and water, so I hope you know that I did care.

I love you so much and my heart hurts deep down knowing that you're gone. But I know you're in God's lap now and one day, You, Princess, Peaches, Muffie, and Brandy, will be there to greet all of us who are still here some day. My sweet little kitty-cat, black as the midnight sky, I will be seeing you soon. Have fun up there, until then my love.

Love, Erika

RIP BAMMY 7/5/06- 6/30/11 <3

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