Your Pet Tributes

'Barbarella "Barbie" Paskowski'

by Kristin Paskowski
(Sheboygan, WI, USA)

For Barbie

For Barbie

You took my heart with you, when you went to sleep. I almost cannot go on, I feel I cannot breathe.

My little white girl, ears spotted with brown. I miss those loving glances, and in your kisses I used to drown.

The way you would run faster than the wind, and how you never left my side, you were always standing at my shin.

I miss the way your head would tilt just to howl a tune, and when I returned home - your doggy cries filled up my once empty room.

I was lucky to have known you, my angel way up there - but I can't help but miss you terribly, my clothes still hold your hair.

I know you see me, still carrying around your favorite toy. It makes me feel close to you because it brought you so much joy.

Sometimes late at night I hear you kick your water dish, then I see you are not there, to have you back with me is my one and only wish.

Until the day we meet again, and I hear those familiar cries, please know I will carry you in my heart forever, because there you never died.

By: Kristin Paskowski

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