Your Pet Tributes


by Krissy

Tired after a walk <3

Tired after a walk <3

Barkley Puppy ~

I think you know that you were more of a family member than a pet. Your affection knew no bounds, you were always there with a warm greeting & just knowing you were around made us happy.

Your dark sweet eyes set in your furry little face, held no animosity towards anyone or anything; you were gentle and kind to everyone.

I remember you as the cute little puppy that Bub found in the Home Depot parking lot and fell in love with, the puppy who was scared of thunder, who loved to go on walks and roll in the dirt and finally the old dog, even when you couldn't see very well, you always wagged your tail when you heard another family members voice.

The walks you took with mom, the treats that dad gave you every day when he got home from work & the orange ball that you loved to play fetch with. Seeing you stand with that ball in your mouth the minute you saw us coming up the long driveway always put a smile on our faces.

I remember the times mom would sit on the picnic bench and give you a fur cut, you were always so patient and let her do it with no complaints. These are just a few of the memories from the wonderful 17 years you were in our lives.

In your final hours, I know you felt the love of everyone around you.. mom doing her best to make sure you were not hurting, comforting you while she was grieving inside. Bub laying next to you and letting you know that he was there for you, while his heart was breaking. Dad trying his best to get home to be there with you, he loved you very much and is taking great care of you, even though you are no longer with your body.

You will have a handcrafted, made with love casket to rest & be buried in, on the land you grew up on... just like many beloved pets before you. I am sorry that I was not there with you, but I remember our times together, I'm glad that I got to see you the last time I was at home & that I sat and petted you, played with you and hugged your neck.

As I think back of the times mom would walk you, or I would walk you... you had to "pee on everything" which we always laughed about because you must've felt like you needed to get everything on your entire walk, but that was just letting everyone know you were there..... and Barkley.....w e are so glad you were, you made us so happy... but now we are sad because we will miss you so much.

I have a feeling that we will see you again... if there was any dog worthy of heaven, you have earned your place several times over....

We all love you & I know you felt it & knew it....


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