Your Pet Tributes


by Carol
(Ontario, Canada)

I had to say goodbye to my beautiful, 14 year old black & white cat on May 26, 2010. I can't begin to describe the grief and heartache I feel. Right now, it feels like it will never go away, although they say time heals. I am hoping, beyond hope, that I will get signs from him that he is okay, and understands I did what was best for him, certainly not for me.

I got Beau when he was about 5 weeks old and he always had to be near me. I'd wake up in the morning and know he was on the bed because he would be laying against my leg. I would sit up and pat his head and he would move his head back to acknowledge. He would sit on the arm of the sofa beside me when I was watching TV. All I had to do was look at him and he started purring.

The month before he died, he would snuggle into my arm when I was watching television, and I thought it was because he had been clipped and wanted to be warm, but I realize now it was because he wasn't feeling well, and I didn't pick up on it. His cancer came on very fast and there was nothing that could be done for him, so I did what was best for him, and it broke my heart.

I still can't believe he's gone and don't know if I will ever get over him. I am having him cremated and his ashes returned to me in an urn as well as having a paw print made.

Love you forever, Bo-Bo, and will never forget you. XXXX


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