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'Beautiful Diana'

by Lisa Thomas
(Las Vegas, Nevada USA)

On October, 2 2012 I was walking throw my apartments to go to the store and I found a little dirty skinny kitten under a car and from that second I fell in love with the most beautiful calico kitty ever.

Diana, my sweet girl, I could tell right away you were on your own for a while and I promised you I would always protect you and that you would never be alone again, and I failed her, in the early morning hours Friday March-22, 2013 my beautiful Diana was hit and killed by a car.

My daughter found her and when I got there she was already gone. This sweet loving beautiful baby that didn't have a mean bone in her tiny body was laying in the middle of the street. I will never ever forgive myself for not protecting her and for her dying all alone.

Diana was no older then 5 or 6 months when I found her and she had so much life still left in her, she was always happy, playing I have 3 small doggie fur babys at home and in just a few short days she won all 3 of then over she wiggled her way in to their hearts.

It is sad and quiet here at my house now, everyone is feeling her loss. Diana was the second cat I have ever owned, I wasn't really a cat person cause I have only had dogs but she has made me a cat lover through and through. I take her to get cremated tomorrow and I cant wait to have her back home with us were she will stay till I can be with her again.

Diana my sweet beautiful Diana, I will love you and miss you till I die. I hope you know just how much I love you and I hope you know I would give my life to just hold you one more time, You truly are the love I never new I was missing...

I hope I showed you enough and thank you for letting me be blessed with being your Mommy xoxoxo

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