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'Beezus (Beezers/ Bees Knees/ B.B.)'

by Katt Moore
(New Hampshire)

Mumma & Beezus

Mumma & Beezus

Thank you first of all for being my friend.

So affectionate, cuddly, and animated... never a dull moment with you climbing up on top of my head, running up and down my back while I attempt to write organic chemistry lab reports, or just shoving your head under my hoodie and falling asleep on my chest. I adored you and you let me know you loved me too. I will always treasure the bond we had.

When you started having seizures I knew what I had to do. It was so hard to let you go, but now you can be free of your pain and join Ruby, Tuckerman and Zoey at the Rainbow Bridge...I will come for you someday and we can cuddle again.

You will always be my beautiful Beezers with the coal smoke colored eyes and purple eye lids.

Mamma & Daddy will always love you pretty girl... <3 XOXOX <3

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