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'Beloved Bonnie - March 23, 2009'

by Jackie



She was given to me as a Christmas gift, and I was nine years old. She taught me about responsibility, as she never cleaned after herself, she was there when I cried over not getting the grade I wanted or when I could not go outside to play. As I grew up, she grew up with me. She became a daily part of my life.

Every morning she'd watch me go to the restroom to get ready for the day, and she would stretch on the bathroom rug. I can still hear her little paws make that "click click clickity click" as she'd walk down the hall. Then push my door open to get inside. I'll never forget her smooth breathing when we'd snuggle for bed time, nor the way she looked at me with her emerald eyes.

Incredibly intelligent, she always found a way to get her way. She never got mad at me nor became resentful when I would not see her for a day. When I'd come home, she would be the first to greet me with jumps and barks and lots of little kisses. She would always find a way to make me give her a little of my plate, even if she didn't eat it she'd still ask for some.

I remember how she hated when I'd cry or make whimpering sounds, she'd howl or join me in my grief.

I remember her doggy smell, its difficult to describe. Its such a dog smell that any dog owner could recognize it but surprisingly for me I loved it. I never could get enough of her scent. It was oddly comforting to have her sleep next to me because I could pick up her scent and just drift away into sleep land. With her around I never feared of a boogy man nor a monster from under my bed.

I regret not saying my farewells old friend, and I shall never forget you. You are forever etched into my heart and nothing like death will separate us. When my time comes I hope you'll be waiting for me as eager as you always were when I'd step into the house. With your ears perked up and your eyes lit up. If I had but another day with you I'd just hold on to you tight and never let you go.

I regret not being able to see you in your last moments. I am sorry and I hope that you have no more pain. I wish you to be happy, in heaven with lots of sunshine and people around you to rub your pink belly. I love you my little Bonnie, wish I still had you. You made my life wonderful and full of happiness. I lost my happiness when you were taken away from me, but I hope that time heals all my wounds.

Wish me luck, I can't say how much I love you, but if I could it would be heard all around the world and on to the next galaxy.

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