Your Pet Tributes


by Ann
(Manhattan, NY)

My Ben

My Ben

You were given to me in a small box. Such a cute little kitten. I fell in love with you right from the start. I remember holding you in the palm of my hand. As you grew older you followed me everywhere around the house. You sat where I sat and gave me that cute little meow whenever you wanted to be scratched. Then you would hit my hand with your paw when you thought I wasnt done.

I will always remember you standing on your hind legs for me to pick you up and walk around the house holding you. You have been with me through thick and thin, you were always my constant companion when everything else seemed so bleak. These last 15 years had gone by so quickly. I was so lucky to have such a loving cat.

As I held you in my arms today as your life slipped away, I told you that it was ok, to go on. You were a good boy and I'll always keep you in my heart forever. You breathed your last as I held you close. Now I'm lost, but I know you have gone on to a better place. I'll miss you Ben, but I know I'll see you again.

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