Your Pet Tributes


by Brenda
(York, UK)

I had to have my beloved 11 year old Cairn Terrier - Benjie - put to sleep on New years Eve. He was having constant fits and I couldn't bear to see him suffer so much. He was my best frend, my soul mate, and my constant companion. I miss him so much. I am heartbroken.

Before we had Benjie at 8 weeks old, I was either in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, crippled with arthritis. Benjie helped me to learrn to persevere walking again, and together we enjoyed many walks together in the countryside.

He had a lot of illness when he was younger, but I nursed him, did all I could for him. He lived to be 11, when at one time we thought he wouldn't see his 4th birthday. He was my angel, my rock, sent by God to give me 11 years of happiness and mobility.

I am finding it hard to carry on without Benjie. He deserves a special place in Heaven. I pray the angels are looking after him, that he is happy and with all his doggy friends.

God bless you Benjie. I will love you for ever and ever and will never forget you. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I pray we will meet again soon. Rest in peace my darling.

All my love for ever, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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