Your Pet Tributes


by Natalie A. Khosla-Vucko
(Bangalore, India)

Binti's favourite place was the backyard. She loved to sunbathe in the sunshine, chase black birds who often teased her, & squirrels in the trees. She loved all food, running with her foster daddy up & down the gated community road, she liked her bed to sleep on, she loved to give my husband & I kisses, & have her own belly rubbed. She was so excited all jumpy & her nails digged into me when we came through the door from being out.

As a puppy she was playful, adorable & naughty. I'll miss all the holidays with her - those were special times. I'll miss her like crazy when she's gone. My heart aches & she is still with us for 2 more days. I hope she'll be ok. I hope she'll be at peace after. I hope it's true that she'll cross rainbow bridge. I'll tell her to be good. I know she will be because she'll be an angel after.

On Wednesday I'm putting her down to sleep. She'll never be forgotten. I'll always remember her favourite things. When I look up into the sky, or see a tree, or a squirrel, or the sun shining I'll remember her. Everything outdoorsy will remind me of my beautiful Binti XO <3

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