Your Pet Tributes


by Danielle

My Bogey Bear,

You were a dream come true. I knew that when I grew up I would get married, buy a house, and get a beautiful Golden Retriever and name him Bogart. Ten years ago we picked you out because you were so cute with your floppy ears and curled tail.

You were the one..... the perfect one. You were so easy to train, walk, and you were a great joy. Early in your life you had hip-dysplasia and have been dealing with it for as long as I can remember but that never stopped you.

When we took you to the vet last night because you were in pain for your hips we never thought that the x-ray would show cancer in your stomach and lungs. How did we miss this Bogey..... you are so strong and such a fighter you hid this from us.

We are sorry we had to say goodbye last night. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! We know you are in heaven look for Einey. You will be back in our home soon. You will always be my bogey bear.



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