Your Pet Tributes


by Tammy
(York, PA)

Bojangles 1998-2010

Bojangles 1998-2010

It was 1998 and we brought you home on the first day of moving in to first home. We were so happy to finally be able to have pets again. You were a tiny runt of a kitten, grey tabby and a white tipped tail. You had what we called satellite dish ears.. small head and big ears at that time!

You were always such a good boy, Daddy taught you how to bring a jingle ball to him. Just like a dog, you retrieved it and then Daddy would throw it again for you. You were with us so many years, spending time with us and at our parties you were the most social cat. You loved sitting on a chair like one of the human guests.

In January, you attended our last party, you were still very sociable and everyone commented on what a great cat you were. You were 11 years old and little did we know you would not make it to your 12th birthday in July. Yesterday 3/25 we had to put you to sleep after trying for the past month with the vet to figure out what was wrong that you were losing so much weight.

The last week of your life it was apparent you were refusing to eat. You kept high spirits and spent time with us, you didn't want to leave us, we know. But we had to do the right thing so that you wouldn't suffer. You deserved more than that. The last day of your life, daddy and I were having second thoughts since you seemed to be doing okay the day before. But as though you were trying to tell us in your own way, you couldn't hold on much longer.

It was the hardest thing we ever had to do to let you go. Do you remember we stayed with you, comforting you as you were affectionate and loving to the very end. You were probably the best cat I will ever have. You were special Bojangles and as I said right before you left us - we will always love and remember you, and thank you for being a good boy.

Love, Mommy and Daddy, and your fur siblings: Geoffrey, Sabrina, Sasha and Stevie

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