Your Pet Tributes

'Boo (aka Taboo Dakota Brown)'

by Margaret Loring

What a wonderful friend you were to my dear daughter and what a loss we are suffering in your absence, although it has only been two days since you crossed "The Rainbow Bridge". You were the one who was there for her every day and night as she recovered from an ugly divorce. You were there for her during her job loss and subsequent hard times. You were there when even I, as her mother, could not be.

It's as if the "torch of caring and unconditional love" was passed on from me to you, Boo, because you were in a better position to supply her needs than I could ever be. In my heart I will always be grateful to you for your influence on her life and I look forward to embracing you again one day in the land where there are no more tears.

Beautiful eight year old rottweiller girl who brought my own daughter such love and support through the hard times of her life. Your influence will never be forgotten and we look forward to the day we meet you again.

Love, your "Grandma"

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