Your Pet Tributes


by Susan
(Louisville, KY 40272)

Best of the best, he pretended he hunted, cause he was a Beagle, it was in his blood, but it was sooo funny to see him run from my rabbit, and letting him out to potty was in a fence or we would have to search for him, soon as his nose hit the ground he was mia, a gonner... But we always seemed to find him after he rolled in something that smelled like dead skunk road kill or worse, garbage, trash, dirty baby diapers, he always came back and I think he thought he was prettier or smelled better after rolling in that stuff.

He was a houdini, he could open the front door somehow when we were always out back, and he would come back smelling atrocious, it would always take several baths to get his smell off. Now with that said, I wish he would come back home smelling like whatever he felt like rolling on, and give him one last hug and kiss. I would give anything to smell my stinky baby again.

RIP Bowser Mommy loves you for ever..

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