Your Pet Tributes


by Melanie
(Las Vegas, NV)

Well, sweet boy, this is the first morning that I have ever fed Kona and you are not by her side.

It's the first time that I have woken up and have not heard your tail hit the wall so loudly that it wakes everyone up.

It's the first time that I haven't seen you laying by the kitchen waiting for me to feed you.

It's the first time that I have opened the medicine cabinet and not given you your pills. (which I threw out by the way.)

I thought I saw you this morning laying by the fireplace, when it was only Callie's little chair turned on it's side.

I thought I heard you crying this morning to go out, but it was only Kona.

I have been struggling with whether or not I did the right thing. I Hope I didn't let you down. I tried to do everything I could to make you comfortable. I tried to be selfless and keep you as happy as I possible could without letting you get to the point of being miserable.

We had a good last day and night together. Snuggled by the warm fire while everyone else slept. Listening to Christmas music and looking at the lights.

You had a pot roast on your last night. I gave you water bottles to chew up. That was your favorite thing as a puppy. You would've rather had a bottle than a steak bone. I remember you used to "steal" everyone's water bottles at the dog park and by the time we left we had a least a dozen surrounding us. People used to take pictures of you taking their bottles.

I even gave you one of Callie's pacifiers on the way to the vet. That was the one thing you'd love to steal and destroy when you knew you weren't supposed to. It relaxed you as we made that dreaded trip.

When we arrived at the vet, they turned the lights off and turned on one single soft light. They put a large thick blanket on the floor for you to lay on. I also brought one of your favorite ones that you loved to curl up in. I was on the floor with you. The Dr. gave you something to make you fall asleep. I was holding your head in my arms, telling you how much I love you and what a good boy you are. You started snoring....then he gave you what would make you forget about all your pain and discomfort. You were breathing the most peaceful I've heard in a long time. You were finally at rest. I held you for quite a while after you were gone.

I have never cried that hard in my life.

Here I start a new day, trying to do what I can to make Kona happy. She misses you so much. She looked around for you when I gave her breakfast. She has been looking for you since I brought home your blanket, collar and leash. She slept on your blanket last night. She is mourning for you. You were her best friend.

I hope I gave you the best life possible.

You were never hungry.

You were never cold.

You were never left outside.

You were never lost.

You were never afraid.

You were always loved.

And you will never be replaced.

You will always be my best friend.

I will take your ashes to the place in Red Rock we loved going when you were pups. You loved romping around in the water up there.

I love you and I can't wait til I can see you again My Boy.

RIP Bruiser 2003-2010

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