Your Pet Tributes


by Kelly
(Perth, WA)

I'd like to say goodbye to my lil friend of twelve years. My talkative Pink & Grey Galah, Buddy.

It was always entertaining with your screeching and dancing and endless chatter. You would screech until we were almost ripping our hair out with frustration then you would stop, look up at us innocently and giggle. Our favourite trick was the "wee" dance you did. You would crouch right down on the perch then jump up with your wings outstretched and yell "wee".

You were originally bought for my sister but decided you liked me better. I was the only one who you would snuggle up with. When you started to lose your feathers I thought you were sick, but the vet said you were healthy, but you were so in love with me that you got seperation anxiety when I went to work, so I spent hundreds of dollars on toys to keep you entertained when I was away.

Every night I carried you inside to your indoor cage and you would snuggle up to me and say "I love you".

On Thursday 18th of June, I arrived home late from work, the second I entered the house I knew something was different. I couldn't hear Buddy. I'd left you inside with the dogs like so many other times when it was a rainy day. Your cage was open and all that was left was a pile of feathers.

My lil boy was gone. I love you buddy, kiss kiss. I'm so sorry it ended this way. I will never forget you.

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