Your Pet Tributes


by Steven and Amanda

On her first night with us she was already living life to the full, and it's how she will be remembered!

On her first night with us she was already living life to the full, and it's how she will be remembered!

When we first took Buttercup home, from the first night we knew she would be a little madam! She had a huge 3-storey cage to enjoy and we found her escaped on the first night! For the two short but full years she spent with us, she enjoyed every day, and would always come out to play every night sitting at the cage door looking at you with those big eyes, just wanting some love. She was such a good natured little hammy, so friendly and always loving and would never bite or sulk, and had her own unique personality that nothing will ever replace.

It seems only yesterday that we took her home and she was running about so full of life and energy. We found her asleep one Sunday morning and she passed away in her favourite little house where she always went to sleep and stored her food. Even when she grew old and couldn't move much she still never gave up, and two days before she passed away came out to play again like she used to.

She lived a long, healthy life and was never ill nor needed taking to the vets. She was so special and loved by all of us, and losing her is like having something taken out of your life forever, irreplacable. Words cannot describe how much we cared for her and give a true account of the happiness she gave us, but with this tribute I can try.

The cage she lived in was 3-storeys, and an absolutely huge thing to behold. But she loved it, and would often climb in the tubes to the second to third floor where her home was. Every week we spoiled her with treats and she would always quickly strip the hamster treat stick we put in for her and store it right away! Even in the last week of her life we put on in and it went!

She was truly remarkable and special to keep fighting for so long. There were so many funny things she used to do as well, climb right up to the top of the cage and hang from the bars upside down then fall! But she carried on as if nothing had happened! It was very upsetting to watch her near the end when she couldn't do the things she loved to do anymore. Occasionally she would run in her wheel, but loved to run on your hands even more. Some nights you would hear her in her wheel and just smiled to yourself. She would always come out in her ball as well and crash around the house, and even after a few hours was still running, full of energy. We took her out to play in the garden in her ball and she loved that as well, stopping to nibble and eat the fresh grass.

The day I found her to have passed away was a Sunday, the weather outside was the same as when we brought her home to care for. Laying peacefully in her house that we had to move during the last two weeks of her life, as she couldn't get up to the top of the cage anymore. While cleaning the cage out every week was a chore, we look back now and see that such a huge part of our lives has gone forever. And it is something that time will not heal, nor replace. She had lived for two years, and while we loved her with all our hearts, we can only hope she loved us back and is now in a better place where she can run and be herself once again.

Goodbye Buttercup, we will miss you so much and will never stop loving you x x x x x x x x x x

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