Your Pet Tributes

'Callie Marie Stanley'

by Susan Stanley
(Fort Wayne, Indiana USA)

Callie Marie Stanley

Callie Marie Stanley

A year ago today you left my arms for good.

You would have stayed much longer.

If you only could.

My best friend for all those years

I hope you always knew

My life was good my life was full

All because of you.

The Dr was so thoughtful

so kind and gentle too.

She let me hold you on my lap

so I could comfort you.

I held you tight and tried to fight

the urge to scream out no.

I wanted to run

and take you home

so we could be alone

but the pain in your eyes

told me it was not wise

Your time on earth was done.

You were so brave that awful day

as your eyes looked into mine.

I knew right then

my faithful friend

that your suffering was to end.

It was so hard to let you go

but I knew it was for the best.

Your little body was so tired

it needed peace and rest.

So I watched you pass without a gasp, a whimper or a moan

You went to sleep, your soul to keep

with God in your new home.

I missed you then, I miss you now.

Some days my tears do start.

Without you here its always clear

Your forever in my heart.

A year ago today...that awful, awful day.

Susan Stanley 04/04/2011

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