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'Chance Coleman'

by Fran Coleman
(Bridgeport, Ct. USA)

Chance sleeping in the warm sunshine

Chance sleeping in the warm sunshine

Chance was found as a young male cat (6 months of age) in the winter of 2007. Somehow he got on a roof (in the gutter) of a 3rd floor apartment. My husband went to get him down. He was meowing at the top of his lungs. He brought him home and we took this little cold kitty in.

He grew up in our home and was a sweet, loving, playful kitty.

We brought a small half feral kitten home a few months later, Peanut. Chancey loved Peanut from day 1. He climbed in her box, cleaned her, played with her, he was in all senses of the word a "Mother" even though he was a young "teen" boy. He got neutered and still loved Peanut.
He was so loving, so loving. He would lick us, climb into bed with us, nuzzle us, etc. He would run full speed to greet me.

This Summer we began letting him go out to play in the yard, he would accompany me on all of my walks with Bella (a Pitt Bull we found right next to where Chance was found) Chancey loved Bella, he would walk right with her, nuzzle her, run circles around her, etc. People would watch us and smile or laugh at how silly the scene was. Many thought Chance was cute as a button.

Last night somehow he got hit by a car right in front of our house. My husband came in and went out not even 5 minutes later and saw Chance. It was a severe head injury. He was gone in less than 2 minutes. If a Vet and a fully equipped hospital were right there the second he got hit he still would of gone to kitty Heaven.

It was a tragic, tragic accident.

This morning I swore I heard him meow at me while I was walking Bella, out of the corner of my eye I mistook Buddy for Chancey.

Bella went out for our walk late last night and she ran right to where Chancey had his accident. How did she know? She was in my bedroom? All night Bella was restless and pacing by the door. I took her out thinking she had to use the bathroom and she again ran right to the spot. It's sad and eerie.

I keep looking for him, thinking it's a tragic mistake, it was the other cat. There are a few black & white look alikes in my area (they are stray/ferals)I hope & pray it's not Chancey we buried.

I don't know what the next few days hold.

Chance had 3 blocked Urinary Tract procedures in less than 3 years. We were so scared he would get another. He really suffered during the first incident, had to have surgery. We watched him close to make certain he was OK every day.
We called him our "thousand dollar kitty". Each time he came home from the Vet he was even lovier to us. We spoiled him. I spoiled him rotten.

I loved him so very much and am so sad and mad and hurt. I have a lot of feelings running through me. I want to yell at the sky & sleep to forget about it for awhile. I'll be fine then something reminds me of him and I cry.

Last night he left this Earth. He should of died as an old man in his sleep not as he did. Mike was saddened when he found Chancey. We are grateful we had the time we had with him. I am grateful I could make his life a good, loved filled one instead of all alone on the streets.

I am happy he was loved by my other pets and that they are looking for their friend when we go out. It makes me sad that he is not going to run to me from the treeline behind my house meowing wanting a treat or a hug or to go on a walk down the sidewalk with me.

I walk by this huge yard he loved to race across and feel like any second I will see his black & white blurry body chasing a bug or a squirrel, climbing the fence to meet me on the other side.

I love you Chancey Poo. I will miss you forever.

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