Your Pet Tributes


by Jodi


Even though we found you late in your life, we had the most amazing year with you. When we first spotted you across the road wandering around, we wondered if it would be ok to bring another dog into our little family. Turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

You were the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever met. I loved how you would just pop your head between my legs and look up at me when I was standing in the kitchen, watching you bound toward the garage door excitedly when you knew it was time for dinner, your very convenient tendency to go #2 in the weeds so we would never have to clean it up, the cute little mohawk you had on your head, your sweet kisses, your love of the outdoors, your tolerance to our other 2 dogs, your unconditional love, the way your ears would flop backwards and look like "stand-up ears" when you would roll over on your back for a tummy scratch, and your cute high pitched bark whenever you heard us pull into the driveway.

No amount of time would ever have been long enough to spend with you. I'm so glad you took a "Chance" and came to us when we called you across the road, and I'll never regret our decision to take a "Chance" and bring you into our home. I'm so sorry that our time had to end so abruptly, but we could not watch you go through anything that would cause you any more pain.

Love you to the moon and back, Poo-Poo! You were our baby and we will never ever forget you. Even though you probably had another family before we found you, I hope you wait at the bridge for us. We'll be looking for you, sweet dog!

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