Your Pet Tributes


by Charlie's Mum Terri
(Tyldesley Lancs, UK)

This is a tribute to Charlie my beautiful baby boy who was killed by a tragic and brutal accident 4 days ago. He was was only 8 months old when he went out early that morning as usual and hurt himself fatally on a spiked fence which was hidden behind a taller wooden fence.

Charlie had only joined our family 4 months ago. He was loved almost immediately by his two older brothers aged one year and three years. He won us all over by his loving nature and playfulness. He enjoyed cuddling up next to his brothers as they licked each other. He would retrieve toy mice I threw for him and loved chasing small balls around the bath.

His favourite place was winding round my feet or snuggled on my chest purring louder than I have ever heard a cat purr. He loved having his tummy tickled and asked for and adored cuddles. We loved him so much and I am heartbroken and so so sad that he died alone. He was found in the grounds of a local school having managed to walk the few yards after hurting himself on the fence.

My Charlie is irreplaceable and we miss him desperately.

Rest in peace little man. Xxxx

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