Your Pet Tributes


by Satomi Okuda
(Lansdowne, Pa)

Tears for my baby

Chi, don't be mad at me. It was hard for me too.

Chi, forgive me. I could not watch you suffer.

I know you held on to me as long as you could.

Chi, don't regret you chose me to be your Mommy.

I am the only human you accept in your life.

Chi, were you happy? I was because of your generous love.

Chi, dont'you miss our ritual "200 kisses a day".

Tears for my baby

Chi, only sorrow and guilt fill Mommy's empty heart.

If you ever love me, come and dry my tears,

If you ever care for me, come and take my pain away.

Chi, let me hold you so our wonderful memories won't bring more tears.

Tears for us never dry,

Tears for us till we meet again,

Tears for us I love you so.


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