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I understand
by: Terri Charlie's mum

Dearest Faith, what a tragic story, an awful thing to happen to your darling Chilie. I really feel for you, having lost two young cats in similar tragic accidents. It is horrific and I send to you my heartfelt sympathies. Keep strong.

Thinking of you.

Love and hugs from Phoebe's and Charlie's Mum,

Terri x

by: stevie

.... for your loss.... there really are few words that can help to alleviate how you feel at present. but onesIi think can help even a little are...... I encourage you please while the love you have is so strong (stronger than the grief), let it guide you to share your life with another wonderful, needy, and deserving pet...... this is all I have to say... I hope it makes sense.

by: Marlene

I am so very very sorry for you loss of Chilie, and so young. My heart goes out to you. Those little things we remember, are so very special. Today, is one month since I put my little Katy to sleep. It is still hard better but still so very hard. You are in my prays and thoughts. Much love Marlene

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