Your Pet Tributes


by Faith
(Craig Alaska)

I found him as a kitten, dirty white with red tips and the bluest eyes you have ever seen, he had been dropped by an eagle. It took months of therapy to help him live, loads of love which was returned a full 10 times over. He grew and florished, he became my shadow, every where I went there was chilie.

He figured out the refridgerater was a magic box that held delly meat and spent about an hour trying to get into it himself. Then he figured out that I could open it easily and was at every opportunity there to get a slice of deli turkey. He sat on the porch with me, rain or shine, slept beside me, played in my hair and just simply let me know I was his human.

I rescued him from one unfortunate accident after another, getting stuck in the big bottle of dog biscuits, getting stuck in the water bottle box with the plastic seal on it, I was always getting him out of messes. Last night, Easter, at about 10pm I went out to the porch in time to see him running for his life curving around an incoming truck, the truck missed him, but in his panic he hit two garden stakes so hard he broke his neck.

He was 11 months old, this was to be his first summer, now he is buried in the spot he took his last breath. I was too late to rescue him. I hope and pray that there is more to life than death, I want so hard to see him walk through that door again, to herd me to his 'magic' box. and give me hugs and kisses, but I know, those will only happen in my dreams. The house is so empty now. How do I go on without his love. I only see his grave and think,.... if only I had moved the garden stakes sooner. If only...

Rest in peace my little friend, my bright sunny spot, you shone for so little time but had all the love in the world. I hope that was enough.

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