Your Pet Tributes

'Cindy - A Piece of my Heart'

by Cassandra Souzaa
(Bandra, India)

Darling Cindy,

It's real hell to come back to an empty house, without the sound of your bark. The space on my bed lies empty. I still get up & search for you through the night. How does one explain 12 years of togetherness & now it's suddenly gone?

It looks as though the lights have gone out in our lives.

There won't be anyone to fill that space, the joy of seeing you as one comes home from work to hug & hold & kiss you tight.

The pain will never cease & even though life goes on it's nothing but an empty vacum just turning & turning.

Thre has been a tribute that I have written for you on 25th of June, 2009 this is my second one.

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