Your Pet Tributes


by Ann

Hi Claude,

I know you're in heaven now, but we still want you to know what you already know. We absolutely adored you and there will never ever be another cuddly sweet natured pussycat like you. The day you were ripped out of our lives was a day like any other. You awoke on my bed and began yowling for breakfast, then you played with the dogs and tried to eat my breakfast. We watched some morning TV together then you went out to stalk birds. I don't know why you did that as you would purposely never catch one. The thrill of the chase I suppose.

Later that day you slept on my bed while I checked emails. There was no indication of what was to come. At 5:00pm you ran with the dogs, put up with my babytalk and had dinner. Then chose a different bed to sleep on.

At 9:00pm you were crying and cold. The vet operated straightaway and gave you no chance of survival. You passed on shortly before midnight. The vet said it was a result of inbreeding in a purebred cat.

We will see you again. I'm confident of that. You were pure sunshine and you know how much we all loved you. You will always be loved and always remembered. We gave you the best life anyone could give a cat and I feel you knew that and appreciated it. We felt you loved us back.

Your Loving Family

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