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'Coconut: My Special Baby'

by Lin
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

You were taken from us too soon my dear baby. My heart is in pieces over your death. It's hard to believe that in these short 2 months that you touched our lives so deeply. I loved you as soon as I first saw you.

You were the type of bunny I've always wanted. You were loving, cuddly, eager for attention. No matter what time of day it was or how tried I felt, you just out that little paw up to me and I was yours.

I remember your favourite spot. You would climb up me to snuggle into my neck and relax. Someone told me once that if your animal turns to show you their bum, it's a sign of love and affection. I truly believe that now because you did that everytime you were ready to get down. I think that was your way of saying "Thank-you for loving me" as strange as it may seem. And then off you went to explore the house or chase the cat. Ash looks for you now. He must miss his playmate and Lemon misses his companion.

I am so sorry for the way your life ended. A truly horrible accident that I don't know if it could have been prevented. Just your curious ways gone wrong I suppose. But you will be missed now and forever and we will see you again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. To me, it will feel like a lifetime. But for you my sweet baby it will only be seconds when I can hold you again. I'm keeping your spot open my dear sweet baby Coconut so we can snuggle once again.

Mummy loves you and will think of you everyday. You will always be in my heart.

Love Always, Lin
X's & O's and cuddles forever

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