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by Ron
(Santa Fe, NM)

Cody hiking in the streams

Cody hiking in the streams

She was with us 14 years - a rescue from another family that did not want her. Oh, were we so blessed to be the family to have her. Cody 'is' the most loving, smart, caring, loyal, fun companion one could have. She was there for me when I needed love and support the most - when my parents died; when I lost my jobs; when our family had tribulations - and when we had the greatest of times travelling and walking through the forest and streams.

She has big smoochy paws and ears and 'teddy-bear' fur that was soft and comforting. She loved tidbits of anything we were eating - and of course, we spoiled the child and always shared with her. Food was her passion.

Cody was the best of being a smart, loyal Aussie and the gentleness and loving nature of a Golden. The truth will forever be - I loved her with all my heart and she loved me even more. She loved all of our family and especially the grandkids who just loved to climb on her and pet her. She bonded 5 years ago so strongly with Samantha - her younger sister and was in the process of tolerating and caring for her new sibling - Sophie - who just loved to cuddle up to this smoochy teddy bear.

We have a hole in our hearts and a deep pit of emptiness in our stomachs knowing that Cody is not here for us to love upon. We have our many memories and while they comfort and give us joy - we wish we had more time together and to tell her again how much we love her.

I was there for her at the end and had to make that awful but ultimate loving decision to do what was best. She looked at me and said with her eyes - "Dad, make this go away (pain) and help me!" Bawling and sobbing, I stroked her head and ears and told her again and again how much we loved her and told her that one day, we will be together again. My last vision of her was her sleeping and out of pain.

But I cannot get the loss of Cody out of my mind and heart. It will take some time I know but forever as long as I am in a conscious state, I will remember her and love her with all my heart and soul. She was more than special and a part of my life as much as life itself.

Sweet dreams my dear Cody. You will live forever in our thoughts and in our hearts.

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