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I just want to say that my sister and brother in law have lost their baby Conan two days as he was losing his battle with kidney trouble and other health issues. I just wanted to post something in Conan's honor as well as theirs, as they were wonderful loving parents to him and he had one of the greatest doggie lives ever.

He was taken to work with them every day as well as on all their family vacations and he was treated no different than any child (he was their only child) would have been! I will leave it to them to post more about their beloved Conan's traits and sweet nature I just wanted to acknowledge their beautiful love for him, and, the very difficult yet selfless choice they recently had to make.

My sister had said to me about a month ago while at the beach with Conan that they would never simply put him down because he had become an inconvenience, so I know in the end the choice was made to help him out of his pain.

As pet parents sometimes our grief is under estimated and definitely not understood often. I just want to honor them for all they did to give Conan a wonderful life and for having the strength to do what had to be done at the end. They are wonderful people and they he was a loving and sweet boy! They were all blessed for knowing one another! As am I for knowing all of them! We love ya Conan! And you too Kate and Brad!

Always, Suz

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