Your Pet Tributes


by Lilia

I continue to miss you my darling bunny. My beloved pet.

I’ll miss the softness of your fur, your little bunny kisses (which were really mostly licks), your nudges when you wanted to be petted, the way you could sit for hours on my back, your binkies and how you would run out of your cage to greet me when I was near.

I will miss your bites and your growls and your grumpiness.

I will miss hand-feeding you carrots and alfalfa.

You were my best friend, my child and as your mommy I will always miss you. Don’t think for a second Conejita that you’ll be forgotten.


You were so important to be, I had you in my life for 5 years and I was so lucky.

I’m comforted with the fact that you died peacefully and I’m praying you passed away painlessly.

I’m glad you ate all your special lettuce before you left us.

You were part of the family and a very important and wonderful part of my life. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over the fact that you’re gone forever.

All I can hope for is that you’re in heaven with other bunnies (including your siblings and your mommy and daddy) and that you have green grass and sweet flowers and clean water. I’m sure you do.

I hope you’re enjoying heaven my angel bunny.

I love you.

-Your mommy

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