Your Pet Tributes


by Sukanesh-Sowmiya-Babu-Nirmala

Cutee (4th Sep 2001- 21st Jan 2011)

Cutee (4th Sep 2001- 21st Jan 2011)


We all miss you so much dear. Even though you are gone, it feels like you are in here sitting at the door step, monitoring all our activities, sneak peeking at the kitchen looking at our hands! Now that you aren't here physically, who will wait at home for us to return? Who will welcome us home with such excitement? Who will give us that unrequited love you had?

It's been just two days but it feels a very long time! Honey please forgive us if we have done something to upset you. I hope and pray that you have a better afterlife. Rest In Peace sweetie. Love you for ever as you have been a very important member of the family and a person in our lifes.

Mom, Dad, Sis & Bro.

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