Your Pet Tributes

'Darling Chandler - RIP 9/8/11'

by Susan Ray
(United Kingdom)

My Darling Chandler,

Today we lost you in the early hours of this morning having gone through an operation last night. Although the Vets said you did well and were ok we all had thoughts at the back of our minds that as you were in your golden years 14 is a good age for a Labrador that you maybe wouldn't take the strain of such an operation, but we had to give you that option sweet boy Chandler and now we are grieving once again for our beloved Loyal Friend.

And in our grief, heartache and tears we also know that beautiful Henry your beloved best friend and our beloved loyal friend who we also lost a few months ago (My Tribute Beautiful Henry) will be wagging his tail and waiting for you in Doggy Heaven to play games and be together until we see you again. The angels will take care of you my darlings always know that you will never be forgotten and that you will be loved always and forever. Sweet Dreams My Darling Chandler.

Loving and Missing you always
Forgetting you Never

Your Mummy xxxxx

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