Your Pet Tributes

'Dingo Overmyer'

by Stephanie Overmyer
(Rushville, In USA)

My Best Furry friend...
He listened to me and always cared
He was strong and brave until the end.

He was the pre-wash for the dishes
He knew all our secret wishes
He loved to great you with wet kisses

Ok writing a poem is not really working for me, lol

This is a Tribute to my Dingo...

As a puppy I fell in love with his eyes, one blue, one half blue half brown. We bought him in a super-market parking lot for 25 dollars... the lady told us he would be a medium sized dog, boy was she wrong.

He was a pain in the butt as a puppy, but a great play-mate for the kids. He loved the water and even got to go to the beach. He was kind of scared of smaller dogs when we went to the pet store and LOVED a good car ride. He was a suburban dog who had a back yard kennel, who later moved with his family to the farm. He got to roll in the grass, play in the snow, ran off after bunnies a few times too.

As he aged a small tumor appeared on his head (called a multilobular tumor of bone). It slowly grew for a couple years, but it seemed to pick up speed... the tumor was the problem, his health was fine, his heart was gold... it made me angry...

It got so big it caused it to split and bleed, the Vet said, the best thing for him was to put him to sleep... all I could think is how unfair, and I HATE tumors... now the house seems empty but we have lots of furry friends, my routine is not the same and I MISS MY DINGO EVERYDAY!

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