Your Pet Tributes


by Lawrence

Dude you were the best dog ever and I feel sad that we didn't tell you this every day. Yes, you drove us nuts by stealing the cats food and sleeping on our bed instead of yours but now I wish I had let you and not moaned at you.

You loved walking and even at the age of nine, you ran about like a puppy. Your mad frenzy bursts of five minute running around in circles always made us laugh!

Everyone that knew you thought you were great and you really were. We had you from a puppy and can't believe you passed so suddenly at nine. I really wish that I had been with you and it upsets me so much to think you were scared or in pain. I always thought you would live a long time and I would be with you when you passed and I'm so sorry that I wasn't.

I can't believe you won't be with us when we move house and it's going to be so strange without you.
We love you so much Dude and will always miss you and will never ever forgot you. I hope you're at peace and running about daft and getting spoilt.

Love you and miss you Dudey xxxxxxxxxxx

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