Your Pet Tributes

'Elaine Marie'

by Carol

You were named for Elaine on 'Seinfeld'. You were such a good little hamster. And spoiled rotten by your mama, your grandma and your grandpa.

I bought you when you were half grown. You were already tamed. Didn't take you long to settle into my routine and your routine. We got along very well. When you wanted to be left alone you let me know. And when you wanted food or wanted out you let me know that too.

I yelled at the times you ran your ball into my broken ankle. But right now I would give the world just to have you run into me again. I miss you following me around the house looking for your mommy. I loved to hide in the shower or in bed and you would roll around looking for me.

You got almost anything you wanted to eat. No wonder your bum grew 20 inches around! You got treats and fruit and veggies and when you didn't like your treat you got something else.

You danced and danced when you wanted something. Sometimes you went 'squeak squeak mommy pay attention to me'. And when you wanted to be left alone you gave me the evil eye.

You grew sicker and sicker by the day. No vet would take you. On the last night of your life I wrapped you in a clean cloth and laid you over my heart. You crawled up my chest and bit me! I may have dropped you back onto my chest a bit too hard because it was then your eyes got big and you had blood come out of your mouth and you were gone.

I cry and cry for you my precious little girl. There will never be another Elaine Marie. Go and be with your great grandma until I can be with you again.

I love you my little angel.

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