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'Ellie Mae Huntemann'

by Bette Huntemann
(Olney, Maryland)

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae

15 years ago my boss was giving his dog away so I asked my husband if we could have her. He stated "We can have a trial weekend with her" that was a long weekend.

15 years she gave us great joy and comfort. After 15 years we lost her to liver failure. She was so sweet and gentle, part Husky part German Shepard, she made my family laugh and she will always be our Ellie Girl. I have lost two other dogs years ago but this came so fast I wasn't ready for her to go.

My sweet girl would sleep in her bed on the floor next to my bed. I would ask if she wanted to go and she would head upstairs before I got to the bottom of the stairs. She was everyone's friend. The tears I have shed the last 2 days is because I miss her, hearing her bark, giving me sweet kisses. No longer is she in pain so for that I am grateful, but the selfish part of me would like to have just one more day with my sweet Ellie Mae!!!

She will forever be in my heart, and I hope that she had a wonderful life in doggie heaven. I look out into my back yard at the spot where she would lay and watch as people would walk by our house. That will be her spot where I will go to talk to her and remind her that I miss her and love her so much!!

Run free my Ellie Girl and always remember how much we love you and will miss you!!!

I love you!!

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