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One Year Without You
by: Anonymous

Well sweet baby girl it's been almost a year and I think of you every day. I love you so much it hurts. Snoopy is doing well daddy is too we talk of you a lot and remember you with laughter love and tears. I hope you're resting well, know I will never forget.

Love you, Mommy

6 Months Gone
by: Anonymous

Hi baby girl,

I missed you so bad yesterday for the first time I took Snoopy back to the home we used to visit and help the seniors there smile and everybody asked where you were, all I could say was we lost you. It was hard not to start crying seeing Jim you loved him and he loved you. He would not even pet Snoopy just went back to his room.

You brought so much happiness to all there, you were loved for sure hope you know that.. still are. I will see you again someday, until then stay close to Bud he will protect you, love you Ell-Bell... Mommy

Christmas Without You
by: Anonymous

Hi baby,
I was wrapping presents yesterday and all of a sudden burst into tears for the first time in 7 years I wasn't laughing.. because you weren't here to make me. You loved Christmas I remember you playing in the paper as I was trying to wrap gifts, at first I would get mad then burst into laughter at the sight of you rolled up in it and chasing you trying to get the new toy I bought you back cuz you always knew which one was yours, and by Christmas morning it was covered in duct tape from how many times I wrapped it and you got it but it was always just your present you just couldn't wait.

I dunno Christmas just doesn't feel right this year. I bought you a stocking I just couldn't help it, so Snoopy will get 2 this year I guess. RIP my lil cuddle bug I love you..

ps you loved Christmas so much you wanted to give me a present and 2 years ago you gave me Snoopy born at 2 am Christmas morning remember you woke me up when the first pup was coming and he was the last the only black/white and the only long haired one. I believe you made him just for me and waited till xmas to give him to me. I look at him there's so much of you in him, I love him so much more now because he is the lasting link to you. I see your warmth, happiness and love in his eyes you always had in yours. He is so much like you I love you both so much I'm so glad God shared you with me if only for a lil while, hugs and kisses, Mommy.

Your Funeral
by: mommy

Well 2 months later you're finally home in a beautiful urn donated by terrace grove cemetary and crematorium. Wed we had your funeral, wasn't planned just told Sissy, Tim, Mary, Daddy, Shannon and Bob we were getting you cremated that day and everyone showed. Really touched me to see how many people really loved you. I hope you knew I kissed your head one last time and put a lock of Snoopy and my hair in with you and took a lock of yours home. I still miss you badly cuddlebug but at least you're home with me again. I will never forget and always love you, Mommy.

A couple of months
by: Anonymous

Well today I cannot sleep agaIn, everytime I try to I see your smiling face and burst into tears. I want to remember you but it's so hard all I do is cry when I think of you.. I don't know why this is so hard I had Ty for 21 years and Bud 16 but your passing has affected me so much worse. Maybe because you were so young and should have lived so much longer, maybe because this time I didn't have thousands to spend to try and make you better... like I did for Ty and Bud. I don't know maybe I just feel guilty somehow but I will always love you cuddle bug... Daddy

Ellie RIP
by: carina

OMG I can't stop crying such a beautiful story. RIP Ellie.

2 weeks
by: Anonymous

After 2 long weeks I still think of you every day and still wonder why, guess I always will. I loved you so much a piece of me went with you my cuddle bug. Please forgive me, I had to do what was best for you and I believe with all my heart I did. I love you always.. Mommy

Lucky little Ellie =)
by: tina j.

What a beautiful story. Ellie was very lucky to be loved and cared for by you. It brought tears to my eyes cause I also know what it is like to lose a pet. I had my cat for 19 yrs. When I had to put her down. It is extremely hard but I think about all the love she gave me and the fun we would have playing and how blessed I was to have her in my life. I still shed a tear when I think about her but it is a happy tear because I was blessed to have her for those 19 yrs. I know the tears flow a lot right now for you but try and think about the good you had with Ellie and how lucky she was to have you. She will always be with you even though you cannot see her. She is right by your side and you can still talk to her. She will hear you. And when you sleep at night, she will be by your side. My thoughts and prayers are with. May god wrap his arms around you and comfort you thru this hard time.
Big hug from me to you.. Tina

Day 4
by: Anonymous

Well day 4 now I thought I was all cried out, evidentally not reading this made me cry again and yet also gives me comfort. I look into your sweet eyes and that smile on your face and know how lucky I was to have had you if only for a little while. Snoopy is still confused running around looking for you not letting us out of his sight but he is ok. We're showering him with love and treats. RIP my cuddle bug noone could have ever loved you more.... Mommy

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