Your Pet Tributes

'Ellie's Story'

by Sally Smit
(Alb. N.M)

This is me

This is me

I was born on a warm July morning, never knew my mom she dropped me still in the sack and walked away. Luckily for me I was in the caring yard of my human mommy who loved me as much as I loved her. She did everything for me and because of her I thrived and lived.

We would go for walks, cuddle together each night before we both fell asleep together. Every morning of my life I woke with the smell of her hair and her sweet kiss on my head. It was a great life and when I had my babies she was right there. We both beamed whith pride at my beautiful babies.

For 7 years we lived, loved and had each other but Friday I had an accident. She doesn't know how I did it but I had a disk slip in my back and I lost the use of my legs. I hurt so bad I can tell you it was an accident my son Snoopy who my mommy allowed me to keep and play with and watch him grow accidently jumped on my back while we were playing and did it, but it caused my bladder to stop working. It hurt so bad my mommy had me to the doctor right away but despite efforts and money I know she didn't have I was just getting worse in pain and suffering.

She only let me suffer a day before knowing it was time, held me as gentle hands eased me from my life but as I look down on her I see her and daddy crying nonstop. I loved them both but yes I am my mommy's girl always was, gave dad Snoopy though. I want her to know I love her still and will watch over her from my green meadow here where I wait in peace and comfort. Bud is here and Ty they died when I was a year old. I helped my parents grieve through their loss too.

I want her to know I'm ok and want her to be too and if I can I will always be on that bed every night and morning and love Snoopy, let him get you through my passing and give another dog the great life I had, don't let that be wasted because of me. I will be here when you get here and will love you always.

Please don't cry, think of our play and cuddle times. Love me mommy, please don't cry anymore, I'm ok,

Love always,


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