Your Pet Tributes


by Bill & Joyce
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Ell's Favorite Spot

Ell's Favorite Spot

It was about 6 months after Boo, our Maine Coon, died my wife and I were feeling bad and so we went the animal shelter to just look at the cats. I had no idea that that would be the day I lost a piece of my heart.

We found Ellsworth, a gray and brown tabby, in one of the cages there swinging from the cage door. While we were doing the paperwork to adopt him one of the volunteers came in and said "Yours is back there raising hell." Ell had knocked over his dish and taken all of the signs and labels off the cage door.

That was the start of 8 wonderful, loving years together. Things were a little rough at first with our older tortie Mieux (she was ten then) but they eventually worked things out.

Ell always loved to sit with us on the patio in the summer and chase butterlies. He also loved the fireplace. Whenever it was lit his spot was always right in front.

He died very suddenly from a blood clot on 2/1/12- almost a week ago. We are so glad he didn't suffer but very sad that we didn't get to say goodbye. Later on the morning he died my wife and I took a walk in a nearby park. All of a sudden we heard church bells. My wife said "Listen, Ell sent those bells to us to tell us he's OK, he made it to heaven."

We'll see you soon.

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