Your Pet Tributes


by Ashley Johnson
(Belleville MI)

My Emo : )

My Emo : )

You know how people claim they have the most well behaved pet? Well they are all lying. Emo was probably the most patient cat alive. Cats don't like to be held or touched or messed with.. but Emo put up with everything and he was the best pet to have.

It feels lonely without him here to greet us when we get home.. but I know he's having a great time in kitty heaven where he's chasing mice and eating a bunch of cat nip. I love him so much and I will miss him more than you can imagine.

People that don't have pets don't understand the unconditional love they give us. He will never be forgotten and no pet can compare to him in my eyes.

I love you Emo : )

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